Oh No, Not Again!

It is April. We all think “April showers bring May flowers”, well not in Texas. No showers, flowers come the beginning of March.

Well about 5 this morning I heard a squeaking. It sounded like it was in the bathroom and since the cat food’s is in our bathroom I figured a cat was coughing. My dog ran in the bathroom, something she does to check on the cats when something is wrong. I called her out since if a cat was choking a bit on food and brought it back up, what Makita does is just not something I wanted to hear then or mention now!

I got up and went into the kitchen. Then I heard it. Loud. Crawling. Noisy.  I knew immediately. What April does bring are these creatures.  Do you remember them? Last year, the year before?

Last year I ended up with a big hole in the floor. Not from the critters chewing up, but from the dog and cat trying to get down to them. I hate to think of what will happen this year.

We have done everything to discourage them from making their nursery under our house, but they still do it. We keep all the livestock food put up, leave nothing out over night. Cats all eat in the house, no food left out. We have plywood about all the way around the bottom of the mobile home and some wire on the open places as it is needed for ventilation. They dig under.

Until this morning I was thinking the armadillo had dug under this year as they have made a nice mess all over the fence line and our front yard. This morning I knew otherwise. Armadillo are not that noisy and do not try to get up in the flooring beams openings to hang.

Another year, another litter. Yes, it IS April.

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They Sure Do Grow Big In Texas

Today Rick came home from work and began doing some yard clearing. We need to make a run for the goats and sheep to keep them out of the back yard and he was trying to move some old raised flower beds.

I went grocery shopping and upon returning Rick was yelling for me to come into the back yard. I went.

Now, Since being in Texas I have encountered scorpions,  huge rattlesnakes and big spined cactus. I have seen wildlife that is less dangerous like the Armadillo and Roadrunner. However, I was not prepared for what he was going to show me.

“Now, you have heard of a centipede” Rick asked me. Of course I have was my reply. My head was thinking the small things we have seen in the woods and under rocks.

NO! What he showed me was a pretty colored nasty beast about 7-8 inches long and fighting mad!   For a look, go here.

This thing could go up on the back legs and fight! I found out they travel in pairs and are poisonous. He had already killed the mate.  They will chase you, or another animal, and they are painful and poisonous.

I am almost afraid of what I will learn next living here!

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Airline Ticket Prices… a grumbling post

UGH! I want to go see my kids, mom and some siblings. I have been pricing tickets and trying to find best times for everyone. MY boys are in Maine, daughters in VA,PA and NJ and mom in NJ.  The girls are getting together with my mom and one sister over Memorial Day. I have been trying to find best prices for tickets and making sure the travel is good for at least one of them to get me. Yesterday I finally had some really good prices so was checking with the girls. Did not hear back from one of them, but the other one I was on the IM with as I was checking. NOW, yesterday afternoon there were really good prices, last night was a different story. How can the price go up $110 in a few hours?

Forget the few hours, while talking to my daughter I found Cheaptickets still had the good price! I started to give info to buy them and it jumped the $110 while in process!

I quit and decided to do some checking. I found that ticket prices go down Tuesday to Thursday afternoon and up Thursday Evening and all weekend. More people buy over the weekend so the prices are higher according to several studies I was reading.

Another lesson learned: do not use Cheapoair. According to many they are bait and switch, get it wrong or change things in mid processing. Two people I know had the bait and switch.

I guess I wait till next week. I need tickets in May for Philly and tickets for a trip in July to Maine. Need the best prices as they add up.

Thanks for listening to a grumble post.  Or, did you leave already??  Know any good places for tickets?

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Spring Has Sprung

When I was young we used to sing a little ditty:

Spring has sprung
the grass is riz
I wonder where
the flowers is

I live in Texas now, not in the north east. Now, I see little grass, just weeds and rocks. The last few days I have been sick:  fever, sinus, headache and aching all over. Hubby had to go somewhere and I went along for the ride. I did not feel like even sitting up, but I wanted to get out of the house for a bit.

As we drove the little ditty was running through my mind. I did see some grass in the pastures, but what I saw most was Irises in bloom and looking so tall and pretty, buttercups in yard and wine cups showing through the green weeds and grain.  Texas Buttercups are not like those I grew up with. (You know, the small ones you hold under your chin and the yellow reflects on your chin). Texas ones are a different breed, huge and “floppy” petals, not the small stiff ones. You can see them in yards from a distance.

I was looking at the beauty popping up all over and thinking it is spring. Yup spring. Pretty now, but give it a bit of time. Then we are into the hot, hate it weather! The heat will scorch everything.

For now, I will enjoy all the peach trees in bloom, the pear in bloom, apricots and apples as well.

Spring, A renewing, fireplace is now cold and wood will wait till next winter. Air conditioner comes on occasionally, but basically it is just nice.

Spring. I wish it could last till fall.

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I have been informed…

Time flies, doesn’t it? Well, Blogher just informed me that is has been a month since my last post. A MONTH! Where did the time go? What have I been doing that I have not posted in so long?

OH, I have been writing them in my head, just never sat down and wrote them on my blog. Life has a way of grabbing thoughts and running with them.

As I thought about the last month and where my mind has been it seems like something has been consuming every moment. Maybe it is me, but time is moving too fast and my mind is trying to keep up (or maybe trying to move faster? ) There is never, ever, enough time in the day to accomplish what I want or even what I need to. I want to go visit family and trying to wait (very impatiently) for Dates I need about our CASA child since I need to be here for some court appointed meetings. I also need to work this around a son’s schedule, plane prices and trying to fit the rest of the family on on a second trip.

I have sewing piled up and have to look at the pile every day and not see it go down.

My husband is finally working on our living room floor as it has to have the underfloor down before he can drag stuff across to the kitchen repairs.

Kitchen, ahhhh the kitchen. Between the leaking and the poor manufacturing of mobile homes our kitchen floor is bad. For a few years now he has been patching the fiberboard that the dampness has disintegrated.  Then the leak which rotted floor and cabinet.  My mind is racing on this one! We need to remove all the cabinets, the built in oven and pantry to fix the flooring. SOOOOO hubby says “how do you want the kitchen to look when we get done” Mind racing some more! I have no idea! I want a real oven, not a tiny one. I want …. what do I want?

All this and trying to get my hands working again from surgery so everything I do is slow and, frankly, a bit painful

I guess that is my month in a nut shell. I just paid the hosting service for another year . You will be hearing from me more!

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