I am back!

Since I last posted I have changed hosting and still trying to figure it all out. As I type things do not look the same so I guess I need to find my addons etc. Bear with me while I figure it all and try to get things going again.

I am so thankful to Eugene of twentypointnine.com and highly recommend him for any work you may need done! He has stuck with my DAHness with signing in and working this all out.

Thanks Eugene!

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Eight Cats…

And we still have mice!  EEEK!

Since my house is pretty well cluttered and torn up right now there are a zillion hiding places for those little creatures. This morning I got this from someone:


I think that is what is going on here! They get where the cats can’t reach them. Eating  the bait off the traps they walk away. Now I see why!

Our cats are all hunters. We see the evidence when they are out in the pasture or under the house, but only once have we found one of these creatures caught in the house. These poor cats sit ans wait, hunt, wait by the frig while one is under it but no catch!

Maybe once the house has more done they will, once again, be able to reach these mice. I must say, I am glad they are mice and not the opossum family we had a few years ago!

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We have come a long way off the beaten path…

I usually do not get political but watching what is happening in our country has been getting to me. Today this video came to me and I thought I would share it. Not going to write much, but ask you to think about what you can do to help bring our country back to where what our God fearing founding fathers hoped it would be.

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“Well DAH”

Don’t ya love getting a “well, dah” when you say something? Today it happened in the car. I was telling Miss 5 year old that when we got back she had to take a nap especially  since she wanted to go to tumbling class. She decided she did not want to go. I informed her that she was still taking a nap just a longer one if she was not going to class. The conversation went on when suddenly I got the “dah”.  Grammie does not deal well with the “dah” and I told her so. I told her she was being very disrespectful. From there the conversation went to what does that mean, why is it wrong and many other questions. All the explanations finally ended with a very proper and polite apology.

I got to thinking about “dah” and how many times we use it or hear it. We have “dah” moments (used to be called senior moments or slip our mind moments) now they are “dah”. We use it sarcastically when someone says something that we already knew, being as rude as Miss 5 yr. old was to me.

I began to wonder about how many “dah moments” I have allowed in my life over the years. How many times has the right thing been there in front of me and I did something else or nothing and then thought of it later. OR worse yet, did not think of it later and never learned from it?

Today I was reminded again of remembering to watch my mouth, my mind and my actions. Not only are there other ones watching, but God is watching. Wonder how many times He has said “dah” about me?

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I am back!

I will be posting soon, but after being hacked I am back again thanks to twentypointnine.com Thank you Eugene!!

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