The Story behind the Name

I guess it is time to tell how the name came about. Life is strange, so is love. Over time I hope to be sharing things from my life that may help you along yours. Hopefully you will do the same with me. “Ain’t no place to put a sticker” is one of those misadventures in life and raising kids.

When our children were growing up my late husband was a pastor. We did not have mega churches, nor mega salaries. We did have a mega family though. It seemed like the kids kept growing and needing and the budget kept shrinking. As the family grew we needed bigger vehicles as well. Our vehicles were not Fords, but they were Fix or repair daily. We did have a full size van though and it ran pretty good.

Our oldest son, Erik, got his drivers license and we allowed him to make the “milk run”. You see we bought our milk from a farm about 10 miles away and a family with 5 kids goes through a lot of milk. On this day Erik and his sister, for some reason, decided to come home off the beaten path or maybe I should say on the path instead of the road. It was raining.It was a farm road. Had ditches on the side. It was raining. It was muddy. Mud is slippery. There was a large sharp curve. The poor van did not have a chance with a teen behind the wheel! They rolled totally around, landing back on the wheels. Praise God no one was hurt in spite of broken milk jugs, tool box emptied on them and a hammer coming down right by my son’s head. The only harm to the kids was a broken fingernail on a teenage girl. Catastrophe!

We arrived to see the damages and found we could actually drive it home. There was broken windows, windshield out, the top and bottom of the van did not line up and it looked more like a rectangle that was pushed over so the top was off to the left. Remember I said it was raining? There was no windshield but thank God the windshield wipers still worked!

Now, we were close friends with our mechanic, we had to be since we needed him so much. I think we actually bought his new building. We drove that van right down to the mechanic and asked him to please inspect it since it was due for inspection. (snickering under our breath of course). Good old Charlie looked at it and in his back country way, so kind and loving, said “ain’t no place to put a sticker”.

Life is like that sometimes. Things hit. Things crash. That is life. Somehow, the “ain’t no place to put a sticker” makes me laugh and realize it’s going to be alright.