Let me introduce myself.

My name is Peggie and I am the mother of five grown children, all married. I was married to a pastor for almost 30 years until the Lord called him to glory. After five years of widowhood I remarried a wonderful man who has three children, all grown and married. This makes me mom to 8 kids and their spouses and grammie to 18 with a 19th on the way.

My life has brought me though many experiences. Many of them are things that I wish I would not have had to go through, yet God held me together, taught me much and planted me in a position to share with those who are younger.

Many of my experiences were funny, stupid and once in the while something normal popped in too. Life. Love. Both unpredictable. I never would have made some of it without the Lord and a few close friends.

Please drop by both my blogs Meet Me In The Garden and Ain’t No Place To Put A Sticker.

Please feel free to contact me peggie at aintnoplace dot com with any comments, questions or suggestions.