The Importance of Keeping Close

Lately, for several years actually, life seems to have been in an upheaval for one reason or another. Hand surgery set me back both physically and emotionally. Hands, back injury,finances, missing family and other stresses have taken much out of me. My writing and creativity have all but disappeared. In the clutter of life I have let much go to the wayside trying to handle the urgent.

It has taken a toll on me. My inner being has been crying out for so much. “Why do people who claim to be saved think living together is fine? Drinking till drunk is fine? Abortion is fine? Homosexuality is fine?” Seeing our country go downhill and the sins that so dominate our society get some people’s attention, but what can we do? Our roots are being dug up and laid to waste.

All this has added to my mind and stress. I have asked so many times “How can people not turn to the God of the Bible? How can they claim to be Christians and yet not believe or follow what is set out for us? How can we accept a “little white lie” when God says any lie is not acceptable in HIS sight? How can people in this nation with all the Spiritual heritage we have has as a nation not see the atrocities going on now in the world, our government, churches, believers lives? How is it that sin is accepted as good and good as sin? HOW?

Let me take you to last Friday night when God gave me some insight.

We have cats. Lots of cats call us home. They get excited and run up to us when we pull in the driveway like you would expect a dog to do. Friday night we got home after dark and as usual the cats came running to come in and get some last minute food before bed.

Of our cats 5 are black, 2 long haired and 3 smooth haired. One of the long haired ones is always waiting when we come in and runs to the car and then to the steps and up the porch. We pulled in and I opened my door and the adorable Dottie stayed back by the back door of the van. I spoke to her and she did not move. It was quite dark, but I could still tell she did not even move a bit…. so unusual. So I asked her if she was ok, told her what a good girl she was and asked her to come on in for bed. Still did not move.

I got all my things out of the car and closed the door and Dottie still sat in the same place. It was then that the outside light came on and I saw that my precious Dottie, the Dottie I was talking too all this time and was not moving was actually not my sweet cuddly kitty but a pile of fresh cow poop! What if I had tried to pet her in the dark?

It was a bit later that God spoke. When we are in the dark, not born again or not living up to what God’s word says, His light does not always shine on the sin. We are looking through darkness and seeing things in darkness. Good looks like bad, bad looks good, big pile of fresh cow poop looks like a sweet cuddly kitty. Sometimes we put our hand in it. We see others who are wallowing in what they think is cuddly and good.

Ahhh this is how the world can see sin as good and acceptable. They do not have God’s light shining and revealing the truth. When we, as born again believers, do not stay in HIS word, we can become the same way. When we are in HIS word and stay teachable He will teach us. Little things that happen become learning experiences to deepen HIS truth, yes, even cow poop and kitties!

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