It has been a long haul, and apparently going to get held up again, with another surgery possible (probable?!)

Hand surgery is no fun, especially when something goes wrong. If you are like me it gets discouraging and sometimes you just want to forget even trying any more.

My life has always been in the “craft mode”. I have said I trust my hands not my brains. So many people can just go on their brain power and do wonderful contributions in the fields of Technology, science, literature etc. Not me. While I do like to write it is not what brings me the heart throbbing happiness that creating something will bring. I love to work at something and have a nice finished product to sell, give or enjoy myself. It is all in my hands. (On another note, I am not a housekeeper. I hate making something look good and then have it messed up in shorter time than it took me to make it good!)

I now am making plans for this fall. Planning on trying to do a craft show and have enough items to actually put in one! Sewing is slow. Very slow. Where I used to make things with ease and speed I now have trouble picking up a pin without using a magnet!  Cutting out patterns takes some time and a resting of my hand in between.

I have plans of trying to spend some time on my blogs each day as well. These poor things have suffered over the last few years with all the surgeries and other interruptions into my life. Depression to some degree, not deep but enough added to everything else as well as all the stress has hindered my creative juices. I am praying for the return.

For the one person who is reading this now,  I thank you.  Hope to see you back and hope I do not disappoint.

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