Too Much Information

Ever be talking to someone and they start in on things you just do not need or want to know? Personal things?  Been there myself However, this is not the too much information I am talking about.

I subscribe to a number of blogs. I prefer to follow by email as when they are on my home page if igoogle I sometimes forget to look at them. Following by email has them all in my inbox. I read one and maybe they recommend another blog, or run a contest for another blog and then I am off looking at that blog (who then in turn has some interesting info from another blog and so it goes)

This morning I was reading a blog in my email and had to go to their page to finish the post. Another annoyance, why have email subscription for your blog if you only send a sentence or two out?  Many times I delete this without reading as my reason for subscribing to email is to read it there and not have to jump all over the internet. Once in the while I am taken by the few sentences and do go to their blog. As I was doing this today I was getting a lot of info and ended up going to someone else’s website etc.

Coming back to my email and reading on I realized how much information is out there in these blogs and from informational newsletters. My mind got boggled (no does not take much and this was much!)

I sew, machine embroider and like to find thrifty ways of doing household things. I have an email for my sewing and blogs/newsletters that are in these categories. I also lump all blog followings except embroidery into this email address. I have another email address for embroidery groups and blogs. (Along with a business email, a personal email and my .com emails.)

As I was going through the first one this morning and saw all the tutorials for cute sewing projects, all the ideas for household thriftiness and  homeschool info I realized I was info overload. Too much info for the brain to handle!

It is all good. Some of those ideas I can use here at home, some for my business that I am working on and some just good to know.

Now what am I going to do with it all? I want to remember it but this old brain has me limited.

How do you keep things organized and available when there is so much you do want to use and remember?

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