Little Scout and the Hick up truck


For some time now life has been more than a little stress. Family situations, surgeries and financial things can weigh you down. I am so glad that God can bring humor and fun when  you need it.

My husband was asked to apply for a promotion. He got excited and really wanted this new position. All sounded good till it came to the hours, 2nd shift.  Now, I am speaking from experience here and know I do not handle second shift (or third shift for that matter). I wake early and my granddaughter comes early. I do not get to sleep till he is in the house and all is well.  While I am so happy for him and the promotion, I also know that it will be something hard on me.

This has led me to try to think of what I can do to not get so down and stressed over this change. It has led to me thinking and not sleeping well for a number of nights . I finally decided if I am going to have to stay up till midnight and get up at 5 or so from now on I might as well get used to it and sit up and think of plans.


I was tired. I have been fighting allergies which have my head filled and pounding headaches as well. I was trying to homeschool Kindergarten work to my granddaughter. Usually Tuesdays are harder as she has been with her parents all weekend and then needs to buckle down to school work. Yesterday was Wednesday. A usual “back into it day”.

Not yesterday!

“What number is this”

“I don’t know, 1 and 0″

It is the number 10  What number is it?


showed 2 more numbers, then the 10 again

What number is this?

1 and 0

What do 1 and 0 make when they are together?

I don’t know

OK, I want you to write 10 tens and say “ten” each time you write one.


Good job, now what number is this?

AHhhhhhhhhhhhh  8?

OK, we need to work on this.

She gets off chair, puts her night gown around her neck and ties the sleeves, puts arms out like she is flying and runs singing “Little Scout does not want to do this, Little Scout just wants to play”.

NOW, this is a highly intelligent little girl that uses logic and reasoning way beyond her age. She associates and relates and asks questions that you would expect from a much older child.  To say I was stunned by this is mild. but then all I could do was laugh inside and text her mom!

Later in the day we were walking to her Gymnastics class. A large pick up went by and she said “That was a hick up truck” .  We then talked about sounds and what a pick up truck was and what a hick up is!

The remainder of the day was spent in chuckles between my husband and I. Next week he starts 2nd shift, so he will be here to hear the chuckles along the way. I am sure that will be a blessing to him and encourages me to make the best of it.

I have ideas for keeping busy but ask for prayer that they will be formulated and work out. I need to keep ambition and not depression going in the changes  ahead.

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