Please Pray for Rain

This is my front yard the little patch of green is some weed that even the animals can’t eat but likes drought and hangs on, but not flowering any more:

And across my drive:

You are looking at our apple/peach/apricot trees. Dying, broken and thirsty. Farther back are cedar and live oak, some of which (live oak) are not so live any more. Everything is turning brown and dying off. Our animals need hay, something we usually only have to buy in the winter. Because of the drought hay is high too.

Gardens are dead, flowers are dead and the whole land is looking depressing.

Fire hazards are high.

Please pray for Texas. We are so suffering from no rain and 104-110 degree heat. We need rain.

Right now, unless it starts out very gentle, there is nothing to hold back from our whole yard washing down to the road. There is no vegetation to keep the little dirt we have from taking off downhill.

Things are bad. We need prayer. Please.


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