OK, I have had it! I am so sick of spam I do not know what to do. My blogs are getting spammed like crazy especially this one. I keep all comments on moderation to prevent my site from becoming X-rated. Actually more than one x!

Weird thing is, the posts being spammed the most are 2-3 years old. I have wondered why this is happening and still do not have a definite answer, however I have part of a clue.  Besides the normal, someone getting the link and spreading it, there are people who pay people to spam blogs.

Some time ago a friend of mine was giving me info for making money at home. My sewing has been laid up while recovering from hand surgeries, so selling sewing has been at a standstill. (Even making for my self or grandkids has been about stand still as well!) This friend found several online places that have lists of people that hire others to do anything from ESL to office jobs to reviewing to SPAMMING!  YUP, there is was when I went through the site, people hire people to spam. You find the blogs and post for them and then they pay per  blog when posted. There are even recommendations on how to do it.

Also I found out that some of these “make money with your own website” places, where they host and give you ways.. let me rephrase that.. sell you ways.. to get your site higher on search engines is to spam blogs! Once you start getting spammed your blog goes to others to spam as well.

NOW, I am sitting here with 7 spam comments for male products wanting me to approve. All on posts that were part of a “Works for me” mime I did several years ago. There were also several other comments as well. Link testers tell me that the links are often not accurate or worse, so anyone clicking may come down with a virus to boot.

It is not just blogs being spammed, but emails being hacked and spam  bombarding some yahoo groups I am in as well. Yahoo email addresses as well as AOL email addresses are being hacked on an epidemic basis. If you have a yahoo or AOL address change your password every few weeks, and if hacked, change it again. All should change their password, but these two seem to need more “babysitting”.

OK, I vented. If I find solutions to this spamming I will let all know, but in the mean time, to protect my readers, I am going to continue to moderate all comments. Spammers, you can count on not getting posted!

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3 Responses to “Spammers”

  1. Tarrant Says:

    Best bet is to use a plugin that closes comments automatically after a few weeks, so those don’t get posted in the first place. With WordPress I am guessing you have akismet–so make sure that is up-to-date and that your wordpress installation is updated.

    Also, when you sign up online for anything-whether a coupon, a website membership, or a contest, use a “disposable” email address. I use one from a free web email provider rather than use one of the truly disposable services. (google, disposable email services for some other options.) I have an email addy I use for that purpose and know that 99% of what lands there will be spam. Unless I trust the site or the PR company, they get that email address.

  2. Peggie Says:

    After I posted I found where I can close comments after so many days and set that. This will avoid the old posts from getting the comments. Thanks for the other info!

  3. Tarrant Says:

    I am so glad Peggie! It’s a big help!