A Long Weekend

I have written before about CASA and how much I love it. My husband and I have been fortunate in that we were appointed a child that is very easy. The hard part is the current placement was about 5.5 hours away from us and seeing our child is hard.

This past Monday we had to go for a court appointed meeting to discuss future plans. This meant driving the 5.5 hours and spending two nights in a motel. Since we can’t make the trip often we decided to make the trip as a long weekend, leaving Saturday and returning on Monday after the meeting.

Seeing our child was great and we had a great time. Being the same age as one of our grandchildren I was reminded of what to expect when I go to see them soon, as it has been a long time since I have seen most of them also.

Texas is a big state, I heard a comparison but am not sure I have it right. It is something like all of New England and one or two  other states as well, (can’t remember which ones). In our section of the state it is very dry. All of Texas is, but some way more than others. We are very dry. Out there was worse. The fields were having little dirt devils all over, sand blowing and cattle had little to nothing to eat. I was thankful for the little green we have after seeing that area.

We returned last night after a blessing of a time with our child. Today I received two emails wanting us to come back again soon. It is nice that our child feels as we do.

Today I am tired. You would think that sitting in a car, going to the movies, eating, talking and watching TV would be relaxing.  NOT! I think it will be an early night after a weekend of blessing.

If any one wants a real blessing, become a CASA. You will not regret it.

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