They Sure Do Grow Big In Texas

Today Rick came home from work and began doing some yard clearing. We need to make a run for the goats and sheep to keep them out of the back yard and he was trying to move some old raised flower beds.

I went grocery shopping and upon returning Rick was yelling for me to come into the back yard. I went.

Now, Since being in Texas I have encountered scorpions,  huge rattlesnakes and big spined cactus. I have seen wildlife that is less dangerous like the Armadillo and Roadrunner. However, I was not prepared for what he was going to show me.

“Now, you have heard of a centipede” Rick asked me. Of course I have was my reply. My head was thinking the small things we have seen in the woods and under rocks.

NO! What he showed me was a pretty colored nasty beast about 7-8 inches long and fighting mad!   For a look, go here.

This thing could go up on the back legs and fight! I found out they travel in pairs and are poisonous. He had already killed the mate.  They will chase you, or another animal, and they are painful and poisonous.

I am almost afraid of what I will learn next living here!

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One Response to “They Sure Do Grow Big In Texas”

  1. Jes Says:

    I’m pretty sure I would cry and run away if I saw that! scary!!

    Note from Peggie: Yes! I wanted to, all the way back east!