I have been informed…

Time flies, doesn’t it? Well, Blogher just informed me that is has been a month since my last post. A MONTH! Where did the time go? What have I been doing that I have not posted in so long?

OH, I have been writing them in my head, just never sat down and wrote them on my blog. Life has a way of grabbing thoughts and running with them.

As I thought about the last month and where my mind has been it seems like something has been consuming every moment. Maybe it is me, but time is moving too fast and my mind is trying to keep up (or maybe trying to move faster? ) There is never, ever, enough time in the day to accomplish what I want or even what I need to. I want to go visit family and trying to wait (very impatiently) for Dates I need about our CASA child since I need to be here for some court appointed meetings. I also need to work this around a son’s schedule, plane prices and trying to fit the rest of the family on on a second trip.

I have sewing piled up and have to look at the pile every day and not see it go down.

My husband is finally working on our living room floor as it has to have the underfloor down before he can drag stuff across to the kitchen repairs.

Kitchen, ahhhh the kitchen. Between the leaking and the poor manufacturing of mobile homes our kitchen floor is bad. For a few years now he has been patching the fiberboard that the dampness has disintegrated.  Then the leak which rotted floor and cabinet.  My mind is racing on this one! We need to remove all the cabinets, the built in oven and pantry to fix the flooring. SOOOOO hubby says “how do you want the kitchen to look when we get done” Mind racing some more! I have no idea! I want a real oven, not a tiny one. I want …. what do I want?

All this and trying to get my hands working again from surgery so everything I do is slow and, frankly, a bit painful

I guess that is my month in a nut shell. I just paid the hosting service for another year . You will be hearing from me more!

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  1. Jes Says:

    I’ve been slacking off too. Trying so hard to get back into the habit of blogging and commenting. I get frustrated with blogging because no one ever comments on mine. I see the #’s that people are looking at it, but no one says anything no matter what I write on or say or do. oh well.