Winter hits Texas

Winter REALLY hit Texas this week. I have had it. Two days of below freezing is more than I want.  You see, I live in Texas, but it is not my favorite place much of the time. Summers are too hot for me, way too hot. Where we live everything pricks, bites or stabs you. The ground is all rocks and ground rocks so not much grows but things that prick, stab or scratch. The trees are not lush like I am used to and  it is a bit too flat for me as well.

However, Winter is the redeeming factor for me. Trees still have green, grass can grow in protected places and just two days ago it was 85. Today? with wind chill? It may be 5… maybe.

Our pipes are froze, I can’t get the house warm and outside looks ugly and dreary. I have had no shower, the sheep and goat water keeps freezing up so I have to take a hammer and go whack it to keep water for them and I feel like I am up north again. At least there is no snow.  YET

Now, don’t you all feel sorry for me? Two days of cold, I mean really! This is Texas. Central Texas. Supposed to be warmer than this.

Time to crawl under the blanket with my granddaughter and wait for spring again.

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One Response to “Winter hits Texas”

  1. Beckie Says:

    Two days. Two. We had a week and a half of below zero weather, like -16, one morning when we got up. As I type this we are sitting in the throws of “The worst storm in 50 years!”, “Snowpocalypse 2011″ or as my friend put it on Facebook yesterday, “in Maine we call it…wednesday.” So feel sorry for you, no, not really. But I am empathetic for the drastic dip in temp from 85 to 5. I know it makes it feel like it is sooooo much colder than it really is. SO good luck with your spring. I’m sure for you guys, it’ll be here months sooner than for us. I’m thinking next week.