The adventures of Willamina

Who is Willamina you ask? It is the name I have given to my sister-in-laws cow. Why you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Back in 1993 we moved to Greene, Maine and the story there was about a bull. Willie had been terrorizing the area for some time and no one could catch him. Since this was before we got there I am not in on the details, but I can tell you he was a story. So much so that people began to capitalize on Willie. There were T-shirts, bumper stickers and other forms of  publications with “Run, Willie, Run” written on them to make all aware of Willie.  I found it particularly funny because my late husband was also Willie and was a fast runner!

Well, I am living through my own drama now, but with a cow. I call her Willamina. If any cow could jump over the moon it would be Willamina. She jumps fences, runs like crazy and jumps another one. Now, she is not a calf, but a mother several times over, but she can still jump oaver the 48″ high field fencing with barb wirer even higher by about 6 inches.

We chase, we patch the fence from where she misjudged herself and came down too soon. She goes in the goat pen through the gate, and out through the side. She has run in front of cars, then up our driveway, and then over the fence next to the driveway gate. However, this time we had patched it and made it higher. She did not notice and took down the cemented in cedar pole as well as the fencing. Our animals are all locked in their pens and not out to graze as Willamina has opened up too many holes.

She is gone again, from the pen that was supposed to hold her.

Somehow, Run, Willamina, Run does not have the same ring as Run, Willie, Run. Think she would mind being called Willie? Think Greene Maine has any leftover T-shirts?

If you see a black cow, with nice horns and white on her face please give us a ring. Willamina is out there somewhere.

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2 Responses to “The adventures of Willamina”

  1. Beckie Says:

    Mt cousin was the one who finally caught Willie. Maybe we need to send Wanda out to you to catch Willamina.

  2. Beckie Says:

    That should have been “My cousin”. I should really proof read when I think of words faster than my fingers type them!