Don’t scratch a Chigger Bite

in the shower….

Before moving to Texas I had no idea what chiggers were. I quickly found out. One night I started itching and got up to find all these bites in places you do not want to scratch in public.  I mean huge welts.

I thought I had a dreaded disease of some kind there were so many, so talked to my husband in the morning.  Never had I seen anything like this. All along my panty leg line, under my bra, even in my bra. Big welts. Under my arm as well.  What did I have? Ever see anything like this? I asked my hubby.

His answer? “Chiggers” I think. OK, I thought about it and the word was not familiar to me, but in my mind I was thinking about some nasty bugs people get from sleeping around. I think as a teen we called them crabs. Never had experience with them, but that was what I thought he was talking about and freaked out! Big time!

He calmed me down and said no “Chiggers not crabs”. Being the person I am, I went to the computer and looked it up. Sure enough! Chiggers are invisible bugs that get on you and climb to the nice warm, moist spots that you do not want to scratch in public. They make big welts that are itchier than anything I have ever had and they last forever.

Yes forever, well, almost.

Two nights ago I had a horrible headache. I decided to take a hot shower (I live in Texas, it is way hot and most of my showers have no hot water in them during the summer. The water from the shower is warm coming out of the cold faucet so no need for hot water).  This time I wanted hot to relieve the headache and the muscle tension I was getting in my shoulders and neck.

Hot water ran down me and I aimed it on my shoulder. Problem was, it was also running on my butt.

My butt had a chigger bite that was over a week old and had finally stopped itching, but was still there. Hot water made it itch, unbearably itch. I scratched, and scratched, as I showered.


I now have a very sore chigger bite that no longer itches. It hurts! It is raw! I can’t sit down without pain!

Lesson learned. Now, learn from my mistake, it is not worth learning from experience.

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2 Responses to “Don’t scratch a Chigger Bite”

  1. Faye Ouber Says:

    Go to the drug store and buy CHIGGER OFF it works on all bites. Stops the itch and helas them…….

  2. Faye Ouber Says:

    The name of the oitment should be CHIGGEREX… on all bites