Spam, Hijacking and the annoying Hackers

You have an email address, maybe more than one. Suddenly all your friends, or maybe not friends, are mad at you for spamming them with links to weird electronic site, p**n sites, drug sites or maybe even just sites that may interest others but have anything from malware to trojans, worms or viruses in them.

Yes, it is happening a lot lately. I am in some yahoo groups and get these messages from people all the time. The other day some came through a freecycle group.

What happens when you are the sender? What should you do when you receive one from someone else?

First thing… DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK!! Often the link is fine but anything else you click on within it will send you a nice present of spy, mal or worse ware.¬† I will usually send a message, not “reply” but a forward the message to the person and tell them they have been hacked into. Never click on a link! NEVER.

What if it is you? Change your password immediately. Some of these people are so bold they have changed your password and you can’t even get into your account. You need to then go to recover your password and change it. Uses something hard to figure out, numbers/letters in combo, and write it down since it is not not something you are used to using.

Next: Scan your system with some good malware/ virus/spyware detectors. I recommend  Malwarebytes and a-squared both are free and can be run with your anti virus.

Most times these hackers get into programs like yahoo email or aol email, and not on to your computer unless you clicked on the links, but even if you have not, run the scans.

To find out if you are sending out spam, check your sent mail folder. See anything weird in there you did not send? If so, they got you. However, even if you don’t they could have deleted it or changed a setting to not save sent mail, so not a sure thing, but some have found them that way.

With all that is going on, if you have yahoo email, hotmail or aol especially, change your password often. It is epidemic right now.

One last thing, many of you have kids with email addresses. Get them to change their passwords and give warnings about clicking on links even if they know the person. One kids got a p**n site and lots of stuff no kid needs to see. Most kids have yahoo addresses and yahoo is the one most hacked into.

I hope and pray it does not happen, but chances of being hacked are growing and changing passwords often will help slow it down.

Keep safe, keep your computer safe and keep your family safe.

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