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I like DIY sites and helps and have been getting this blog for some time. Today something unusual came through and I am going to post his post  as he wrote it. Should you want to help out please go here.

My Family and I Need Your Help Urgently

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January 6, 2010

Amanda First I would like to apologize for this post. I am a very proud person and I usually find a way to solve problems on my own. However, my family and I have a medical emergency and we need your help desperately. My wife has a disabled daughter Amanda. That is Amanda in the picture last night at the University hospital in Salt Lake City, UT.

Amanda was a premature baby and has had lots of medical issues throughout her life. Amanda is 27 years old but has the mentality of a 2 – 3 year old. She is deaf and uses very limited sign language and some of her own signs. Additionally, Amanda got meningitis at 2 months old and needed shunts in her head to pump spinal fluid from her brain to belly. This makes it very challenging for us and the doctors to figure out what is going on once things start to go wrong. Amanda is able to tell us when something hurts, but she can’t explain the level of pain or pinpoint exactly where the pain is.

Amanda started complaining of headaches around the end of October 2009. After several trips back and forth to the doctor and specialists for lots of testing, we finally learned that she has shunt failure and fluid building up on her brain. Amanda’s neurologist woke us up early yesterday morning with the bad news and told us that we needed to get Amanda to the ER immediately.

After arriving at the ER in Bozeman, MT yesterday, we learned that Amanda needed to fly down to Salt Lake City, UT for emergency brain surgery. Due to Amanda’s limited communication ability, they allowed my wife to fly down with her. I drove down in the middle of a snow storm and it took almost 8 hours to arrive at the hospital.

Last night the neurosurgeon tapped one of Amanda’s shunts and drained approximately 30cc of fluid to relieve some of the pressure and she is scheduled for surgery this afternoon We do not know how long Amanda will need to stay in the hospital here in Salt Lake City. It looks like she will be here at least a week. However, we will know more after her surgery today.

We are currently experiencing some extreme financial difficulty. My wife has been out of work since May of 2009 with a severe back and neck injury. She is collecting workers compensation, but that is only approximately 60% of her wage. My wife had her first of many surgeries to attempt to correct her back and neck injury on 10/22/09. My wife had complications with her surgery and need me to stay at home and take care of her and Amanda. Then Amanda started having problems so, I requested a 30 day medical leave from my wife’s and my employer. However, my employer denied the request for a medical leave and terminated me. So, I have been out of work since my wife’s surgery on 10/22 and my previous employer is fighting me on collecting unemployment.

Things were tight, but we were managing and getting by. Because this happened so soon after the holidays we are broke and have no medical insurance. Amanda has medicare because of her disability, but we are unsure of what they will cover.

I left Bozeman yesterday with $186.00 to our name. I cost me $60.00 in fuel to get here. We are trying to stay on a strict budget and we are only allowing $5.00 per meal per person for my wife and I. This is extremely challenging to do here at the hospital. So, we have budgeted $30.00 per day for meals for my wife and I. If we eat 3 meals per day. However, we have decided to drop down to 1 or 2 meals per day to try to save money. At this rate we will run out of money in approximately 4 days. We also need a place to stay and fuel to get back to Bozeman.

Our immediate need is food, gas and a place to stay in Salt Lake City. As much as I hate to do this, I have to swallow my pride and ask if you can help us out with a donation. We are desperate and I do not know where else to turn. We have several calls in to family and friends, but everyone is struggling right now. Any help that you can give us will be greatly appreciated. Please click on the PayPal donation button below to make your donation.

The button is on the site here. I am sure even a dollar or two will be a big help. I know we are all struggling and finances do not let us give, but if each can give 1 or 2 it will add up.

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