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My new year came in with a bang. NO, not fireworks in the sky, but a bang none the less.  Last year was so crazy. I felt busy and stressed and not getting done all I wanted, no where close what I wanted in fact. You can tell by lack of posts I am sure.

Well, this year I wanted to be different. HAHA

First, we were given some really nice flooring for the living room. It is a nice wood laminate and will look so much better than 30+ year old stained up, falling apart 70’s color carpet.  However, living in a 70’s mobile home also means dark wall paneling through the whole place.  With wood look flooring also being dark something had to go. (hehe) Step daughters can be so sweet.  I have the greatest! They knew I wanted light walls and their dad did not want to paint the dark paneling he liked. They picked out the flooring for us and got dark, so the walls had to get light!  Did I say I love my step daughters as much as the kids I gave birth to???

So, we decided to start the painting over New Years.  This meant running for paint, picking out and agreeing on a color and then getting started. Our neighbors were away and we had charge of their goat farm for about 5 days at this time as well. Yikes, sick goats started popping up and we were doing double duty. Then a friend with a sheep farm called. He had a baby born premature and needed special care. They had to leave town for trade shows for a few weeks and needed someone to care for this special needs baby. He knew I would be able to and he would not have to worry about it’s care so he called. At the point he called the little guy could not even walk yet.

Thus entered this little guy:

baby sheep1

Yes, that is a diaper on him and you can see our uncovered floor.  He is walking now, but I am mama and I better not get too far out of his sight. He runs after Scout and tries to play with the dog and cats. The cats are not amused and will nose to nose him until he starts jumping, then they are outta there!

So, here I am, starting my New Year about the way the last one left. I am so determined to get my online business off and running this year, get the house in more of an order and breath a bit somewhere between.

I guess time will tell.

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