The New Year is Coming

Are you a New Year Resolution setter? How about a New Year Resolution Keeper? I am not either one. However, one thing the New Year coming does do to me is to look back at the old year. This year has been a very rough one. I know compared to others it has not been bad, but it has been a stressful one and is going out about the same way at this point.

As I ponder the coming year and look at the past one I think of my failures as well. How I let things get to me, worry me, upset me. Some of them were not worth it, some I can’t change any how.  I can’t change how people react. I can’t change my goat getting hurt. I can’t change my husband getting no pay raises because of the economy. I can’t change that our home needs so much repair and no way to do much at this point. I can’t change….

However, another things hits me as I look over the year. What I can change.  I can change my getting lax about things just because of stress and my energy being zapped. This causes a vicious cycle and I then have more energy zapped because I can’t find what I need because I let things go!  I can change my housekeeping and at least make sure the sink is empty all the time, well most of the time.  I can do better at keeping up with things and not let circumstances get me down and let things go.

I can change my work habits and get more done and in my etsy store so maybe I can bring in more money. I am goal oriented, but it is hard for me to set goals, I need the pressure of a craft show or something to make me work hard, then I can accomplish more than I ever thought. But to have no orders and no deadline makes it hard for me. If I know someone wants something I can do it, but to just make something and hope it sells online I am stuck.  I need to change that.

I can also work on things to get my creative juices flowing again. How I miss them. For the most part they got buried in the illness and death of my first husband and seem to be having a tough time coming back out. I need to change that somehow. I am happier when I am creative, plus it helps for getting ideas for the house.

Another change I can do is to write more on my blogs. I have been letting them go along with everything else. Yes, I am busy with a now 3 yr old here, but I need to write more.  I am going to be posting on my other blog about why I write personal things in my blogs.  I will link it here when I get it done, but it may take me a little bit.

While all of these are not resolutions, improvements can be made that are under my control. I can’t change so much, but instead of letting it get me down,  it would be best to work on what I can.

One thing bothers me. We pray for God to improve situations that we can’t do on our own. Maybe our money, or health, or wayward family member etc. Why should HE do it if we are not doing what we can with ourselves? My home is in need of much repair. I have prayed about it and some things are getting done, much more needs help. Some urgently, but time and money stand in the way. However, why should God step in if I can’t even keep the place picked up and looking decent and in order? He says we need to be faithful in the small things in order to be trusted with larger things.

As I look at my failures and what needs to be changed I see a lack of being faithful in the small things because I do not have the larger things. Yes, if I had enough pantry, counter space etc, it would be easier to keep things better. I have no place for things. However, that does not give me the right to give up and let things set. Maybe get creative. Maybe get rid of… Maybe think about how to do it better with what I have and… Be thankful I have a kitchen at all!

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