New Babies

Last night we were blessed (????) with new babies in our home.  Some time ago we had another cat show up at our door. Scout immediately took to her and called her fluff kitty. She is a long haired grey cat that is as sweet as can be.  Now, mind you, if I had said I wanted to keep this cat I would have been thrown out of the house with it, but Scout wanted to so PAPA said fine and let fluff move in.

It was not long before we knew fluff was expecting and we have been using the tummy growing to teach Scout. She has been checking that tummy every day and talking about the little kitties growing bigger and some time they would “Just come out”.

Sometime was last night!  Five little ones came into this world and fluff is a great mama. For their debut I present Fluff Kitty and her little family.

Now: Anyone want a kitten???

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