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Grandsons are wonderful. All but one of mine live in Maine and I am in Texas, so I do miss them lots. We do have email communication with two of them though, the oldest two.  These boys have discovered a few fun sites and share with me regularly.  I then followed a link and got a few more on my own.

I Has A Hot Dog is mostly dogs. Your dog could be a star if you have a funny pic or video. One of their pics is this:

Lolcats ‘n’ funny Pictures of Cats is that: cats…mostly. Pictures like this

I then found sites like My Funny Animals that have some funny, some not so funny videos and pics. Here is one I liked:

I love animals and they can be very funny. If you have pets, you know this. Those who read my blog know I have animals and mostly enjoy them.  We recently got a buck (goat) for our girls. He is a mini cashmere/Nigerian dwarf mix and it really cute. If anyone knows about goats, you know that a buck can stink. It is their perfume that attracts the females. Female goats that is, and I have no understanding how!

Well, Billy (we did not name him, please do not hold the name against us) likes to primp when we let him out in the morning. The boys shed is on the other side of the yard from the girls and when we let them out Billy walks a bit, then stops to primp.  We never saw this with Jack since he is neutered, but this is quite the ritual.  He stops, uses his mouth to straighten the hair on his legs and other parts. Shakes his hair a bit then… what does he do?

Billy, hunches himself, puts his mouth down by his front legs and pees in his mouth and on his beard! Then he makes his mouth look like a big smile, kind of like a horse when it whinnies and prances like he is the king across the yard and to the girls.

Animals are very funny.  Stressed? Watch an animal, I am sure you will find something to laugh about.

Grandkids live away? Have them show you something they enjoy and enjoy it with them.

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  1. kayley Says:

    omg how hillarious lmffao

  2. diana Says:

    lol the dog looks funny