Just Won’t Work!

Today is What Doesn’t Work For Me at Rocks in My Dryer. I could write a book! I am almost 60 years old old enough to be your big sister so I have learned a lot by mistake, trial and error (emphasis on error) and watching others. Where do I start? First, I learned within three months of marrying that birth control does not work all the time. We were going to wait 5 years to have a baby so my husband could get through two more years of college and three years of seminary. I was going to work him through. God had other plans and Erik was due on our first anniversary. Instead of my plans, I learned that God could get us through me being a SAHM and HE would get us through the college. Next I found that two birth control products do not work. We went to seminary for 5 years and added 3 more kids. Once again, our plans failed and God provided for us as HE grew the family. (5 years later I found that God wanted us to have another baby and I could not be more pleased!) Leaving a two year old for a few seconds while you answer the door is not a good idea. Keep her by you every minute, even at the door. You may end up with a kitchen fire in those two seconds I learned that talking on the phone at the same time you turn off your engine is not a good idea. The phone goes in the pocket and the keys stay in the ignition and your car doors lock. This leaves you in an embarrassing situation. What does not work is chasing a dog, cat, bull, they only run faster. It does not work to get a job ready for your husband until you see the tools in his hands or you will live with things pulled apart and part way done for a long time. I could go on, but that will be enough for now, well, one more thing that I would like to ask help and ideas on. What is not working for me is this blog header. I like this set up but can’t seem to change the header into something besides boring without messing everything up. So, how did you find your theme? If you had someone do it, who do you recommend? Thanks! For more What doesn’t work for me go to Rocks in My Dryer!

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  1. Rhen @yestheyareallmine Says:

    Yes, we too often have the best laid plans and then there are God’s plans. Even if He does leave me guessing I am all for His ways over mine! LOL!!