Fueling the Budget

With rising gas prices, food prices and everything else we need going up I have been trying to rework how I do things. Our budget is set, we work as much as we can and our income is as it is. This means to “make” more money I need to rethink all I do. I live in a small town and there is no choice for shopping or buying things. Small selection at the food store, no place for getting many other things. I feel the only way to help the economy is to buy American made, this basically leaves out purchases at many stores like WalMart. Why should we send all our money overseas when we need it here? This hurts since Walmart is in town! Some things that I am doing or working on is:

  • making a list on my frig. I keep paper and pen and when I need something I write it down.
  • When I have many needs I make a run to the larger town and get my purchases that can’t be bought here
  • order online when I can
  • I keep my back patio door drapes closed most of the way when it is hot, this keeps the sun out so the air conditioner works less (I live in Texas, so this really helps!) on cool days I open it wide so the sun can come in.
  • I do not run the air conditioner at night, just a fan.
  • Weigh your purchases. Do you need it? Is it cheaper to pay more at the Vet for the flea drops or wait and go to the discount supply considering the gas?
  • Keep all running to either neat your work or a trip once a week or two to the stores farther away.
  • Make food from scratch. Eating out, buying pre-made or boxed dinners cost more and are a health hazard, thus costing more in the end.

There are many other things that can be done, and I am really working on finding what works for me. What do you do? What will you do about your vacation this year for travel? For more works for me hop over to Rocks in My Dryer.

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2 Responses to “Fueling the Budget”

  1. Liza's Eyeview Says:

    These are very helpful tips. Thanks for sharing. Every little steps towards better spending is good.

  2. Amy Says:

    This site often has a lot of money saving tips: http://blog.totallyready.com/?p=86
    Good luck! I think we all are being more careful about how we spend these days.